Est. 2015

We are a small, independent company offering personal and friendly service.

We pledge attention to detail in everything we do.

We design custom travel itineraries and make land arrangements for private group tours according to groups' interests, wishes, wants and needs. We can start with an itinerary we have already used and customize it, or create something totally new. We are not a travel agency as we do not offer pre-packaged tours, nor sell travel organized by other companies. Our "boots on the ground" experience is rooted in our own travel to Europe; our on-location problem solving; visiting cities, villages, and sites in person and with groups in our charge. One's impression of travel from an office chair is not as realistic as that of leaders who experience first-hand the reality of abroad travel. Our clients and travelers recognize the value of this type of experience and return for more.

With GO WITH FRIENDS (GWF) working on your European travel explorations, you can trust that your itinerary, destinations, activities, site visits, group transportation between destinations will be researched thoroughly and carefully. By choosing GWF, you save valuable time - the last thing you need to do is spend hours online at the end of your workday and on weekends to prepare a trip!  GWF offers you outstanding service drawing on years of experience both in planning AND in leading groups, at a great value.  Focus on your life and what is important to you; let GWF deal with your group travel arrangements and details.

There was something good and notable about each hotel our group stayed in and they were all wonderfully located for our purposes. - Donna
The excellent planning including passes, tickets, reservations, castles, churches, pubs, etc. were all excellent! Our planned dinners and transportation arrangements could not have been better. -Darrell

Landing in Sicily, summer 2015

Landing in Sicily, summer 2015


Cristina has traveled throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and the United States, starting during her childhood when she lived abroad. She has been organizing and leading both student and adult groups to Europe since 2005. As planning and organizing travel have been of her most significant interests, she first practiced designing travel itineraries as a hobby for her family. She later worked in the educational travel industry gaining solid hands-on experience since 2010, and started her own venture: GO WITH FRIENDS Travel Planners, LLC.

Having grown up abroad, Cristina is fluent in several languages and has a varied cultural background. Both sets of skills come handy in this line of work! In fact, along with her passion for international travel, a decade of teaching French as a second language at high school level has led her to explore France in depth with many French student groups and the invaluable assistance of her husband. Explorations multiplied by also leading small groups of adults. A number of travelers/friends join Cristina repeatedly through Europe on her carefully crafted itineraries while always including new travelers. Our groups enjoy not only well-coordinated and interesting tours, but also individual attention and a fostering of esprit de corps or teamwork during travel. One of our goals is that our travelers make friends within the group and share great moments and memories with one another.


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