Do you need some help to get started on planning your own trip?

Do you already have a trip planned, but still need assistance to optimize your European escape?

        --- In just one hour, we can check your itinerary, coach you on public transportation, and ease your mind on many of your questions.  

We regularly travel to Europe with groups and on our own. If it's your first trip abroad and you are not sure where to begin, how to build an itinerary that works, consider the benefit a seasoned travel leader can offer in just an hour or two, or more if you wish. If you have traveled internationally before, we can save you a lot of time by preparing the framework for your trip and research accommodations, activities, sites to visit, and more, Good preparation insures a better experience once you are in action abroad. Itineraries can be fashioned to your special interests, schedules, and budget. A well thought of plan can also save travelers money and reduce, if not prevent, possible issues. 

Contact us to discuss your special trip. Together, we can determine which of our consultation packages works best for your needs.  

Consultations start at an affordable per-hour charge.