The small group was easy to become acquainted with and it was nice to see familiar faces in unfamiliar places. It was a nice change for us not having to plan everything and also to enjoy things we would not have done on our own. Great organization, meticulous planning with a good variety of activity. Thanks for everything! - Glynis
GWF's commitment to quality, value and efficiency is exceptional! - Connie
The booklet you prepared was really everything one needs to know to prepare for the tour. On the tour, we felt quite spoiled with all the transportation and guided visits all figured out and arranged! The guided walking tour of Edinburgh and the Celtic music and dance show in Dublin were our favorites. - Steve
Your talent for arranging all the details of this tour is very evident and appreciated. Bravo indeed!! - Darrell
Tom and I both enjoyed the tour! Will go on tour [with you] again! - Stephanie
I recommend Go With Friends because groups are not so large and the experiences are more unique and original than a big travel agency or Tour Group Coordinator. - Michael
You do a better job than [a large nationwide company] as yours is a more personal and customized experience. - Catherine
Q: What are some of the effects that our tour had or will continue to have on you in the near future?
A: In the months to come I will be reading books, watching programs, viewing series, reading news articles and experiencing the pleasure of recognition, clearer understanding, deep appreciation of situations and events because of this experience. - Connie
A. The beauty and natural wonders of another country might be viewed in pictures, but seeing them in person is a different and wonderful experience. This trip sparked curiosity and the desire to learn more history and background of other countries which often blends into our own history. Traveling is also rewarding as a personal accomplishment. - Donna

You Should Always Go With Friends!