Of Wines and Friends

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Terra Remota










Flashback to GoWithFriends's Tour to Northern Spain and Southwestern France....









“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.” -- Aristophanes quotes 450-385 BC













     In April of 2016, one of our tour stops was a wine picnic at a Catalunyan winery between Barcelona and the French border. Terra Remota.... Its name translates to "remote land".

       We knew it would be a beautiful lunch in the vineyards, seated on soft pillows under a pergola, savoring locally grown or produced foods such as artisan breads, charcuterie, olive oil, cheeses,  etc.....and wine. But who knew that the wine included in the picnic basket would have the power to open our eyes wide and flood our senses in the way that it did? Terra Remota's Camino was so exquisite! Was it because we were drinking it with the right foods in the right atmosphere? A few of us purchased 2 bottles to take back to the U.S. while others looked further and planned to place an order to be shipped. This affordable wine was now a new favorite of 8 out of 8 travelers.

Members of our travel group who have been stocking different types of wines from this vineyard recently threw a Terra Remota party for members of that tour and other close friends. Not a drop was spilled or wasted as we tried four different wines from Terra Remota, each of them with unique aromas and flavors. Wine has a way of making special gatherings more special and memorable.

This is another reason why traveling is so much fun. You discover new things, new foods and new favorites of every kind... and more importantly, new friends and travel buddies with whom to share memories from those travels.

It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking [wine]: the arrival of a friend; one’s present or future thirst; the excellence of wine; or any other reason.
— Latin saying (Source: The Tipsy Grape)

GWF's next guided travel adventure will take place in June 2018. See where we are going. We invite you to join us.

In-flight movie screens are going away

If you haven't flown on an international flight in the last year and rely on the on-board entertainment screens to watch movies or TV shows, you might be in for a horrible surprise if you do not have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in the cabin: Many airlines are removing in-seat screens. 

It's not clear if there is a way for travelers to know ahead of time if they will need to use their wi-fi ready devices to access movies or not. Not an issue for the majority who travel with such tools, but definitely annoying (or terrifying on a 10-hour flight) for the few who do not.

 Justin Bachman from Bloomberg describes the reasons for the changes and more:

Cristina's tip:

Be sure to pack your smart devices' charger cables in your personal article (purse, backpack) and download the airline's app before the flight to have easy access to their vast media library. 

The Tour Effect


I thought the email I received today from one of our faithful travelers shows one of many positive effects our tours have on our travelers. Besides tasting Limoncello in Sorrento (Italy) then getting my recipe to make it over and over again, Stephanie and her son Evan, both great home chefs, have prepared a delicious, authentic French dinner for themselves tonight, inspired by food tasted on our tours to France.

The message:

" Evan  just made this Apricot Amandine to go with our crockpot Boeuf Bourguignon which I made. Tom and I had the stew in Paris at the restaurant where I tried the escargots. I have been trying to learn how to make it correctly ever since and finally got it right with your recipe. Thank you Cristina for the wonderful recipes! The Terra Remota Camino wine [from the winery we visited last spring while on tour] will go great with this meal." 

Mmmmm...... I am running to my kitchen to concoct something tasty!

French Apricot Amandine Tart - Photo by Evan M.